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Elibol's Suturless LVAD Implantation

Patent Application No: TR2019/23195

International Application No: PCT/TR2020/051248 ​

The device, designed in 2018, was shown as a finalist for the founding member Dr. Subramanian Innovation Award at the congress held in 2020 by The International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery. This device was also found suitable for patenting by the Turkish Patent Institute in 2021 in national and international examination reports. National and international patenting processes are planned to be completed in the near future.

Left ventricular assist devices (LVAD) are considered standard therapy for patients with end-stage heart failure. The method of surgically implanting these in-body devices into the heart is not technically standard and differs from center to center. In the current approach, the LVAD is placed on the top of the heart with surgical sutures, but this carries potential complications such as bleeding, positional instability, and clot. "Elibol's Sutureless LVAD Implantation Device" enables cardiac support pumps to be placed in the heart without the use of surgical sutures and with full bleeding control, and significantly shortens the procedure time.

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